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Virtual Teams

The past year has changed the way many of us work, and more people are working from home than ever before.

Moving from workplace teams to virtual caused disruption for many and can erode the sense of belonging that makes a team great. How we work best can shift when when we're not together or even when we've never met our team mates.

In this programme we look at how our preferences show up when working in a virtual team.

We use the Discovery Personal Profile to explore how our preferences around communication, motivation and sense of belonging can be dialled up or down. We take a deeper dive into the 'Ideal Environment' section and how our colour energy preferences show up differently when working remotely.

As a group we explore the dynamic of the whole team using the Discovery Team Wheel, and re-form strong bonds to capture the sense of 'team' through understanding and belonging.

We also help you to establish good working practices to re-connect with one another, creating a team culture that allows the team's talents to still shine through. 

The workshop is delivered as a 3 hour virtual programme, bringing the team together online for an interactive and engaging experience.