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Discovery 1 hour Taster 

New to Discovery or want to see first hand how Discovery transforms teams? A taster session provides a brief overview of the Discovery model, the four colour energies, and how adapting and connecting to the style of others can boost a team, improve perfomance and create a strong sense of belonging.

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November 2021

So, your leadership team has made the decision to return to the office. Now what?

As a learning and development professional with more than 18 years’ industry experience, I thought it would be helpful to share the questions I’m hearing, explore what some companies are doing, and suggest how you can support your people during the next transition.

(8) Returning to work | LinkedIn

July 2021 - HR Zone Lead Article

People do their best work when they feel safe, and when they are appreciated for the unique contribution they make, especially by those in charge. Engaging with a trust based leadership culture ensures a successful transition back to the office from furlough and rebuilds teams so they can get back to being at their best.

How trust based leadership can ensure a successful return to work for furloughed workers | HRZone

June 2021 - Training Industry Article

29th June - Trust, belonging and encouragement are the basis of high performance. 

Psychological safety enables people to truly be themselves and share freely — and has the potential to unlock personal breakthroughs that can lead to business breakthroughs, increasing team unity and cohesion and driving productivity in the process.

Unlocking Business Breakthroughs With Psychological Safety: 4 Recommendations for Success (

2nd June - Furloughing staff has created differing personal experiences in teams and thrown up divides which undermine cohesion. This articles offers top tips for successfully welcoming back furloughed employees and recreating harmony, belonging and unity under a common goal.

5 Tips for Reboarding Employees After a Furlough (

May 2021 - We Are The City Article

How to successfully reboard colleagues after furlough is a common challenge. Increasingly, there is a disconnect between those who continued to work and those who were furloughed. If left unaddressed, this could cause significant workplace disruption and productivity could be impacted.

How to successfully reboard colleagues after a period of furlough (

April 2021 - Thrive Global Article 

Bringing your people together and consciously preparing for a 'return to work' will help set you up for success during the 'next normal'.

How to ensure a successful ‘return to work’ after Covid-19 ( 

March 2021 

"Leap of Faith"

After 18 years working in learning and development, I set up Netley Consulting, a boutique consultancy offering programme design, learning delivery, and workshops for leaders and their teams.

 "What's Your Ideal Working Environment?"

Do you know the ideal working environment for your Insights Discovery wheel position?

People are generally more effective when working in an environment that suits their personal preference. It can be uncomfortable, even stressful, to work in an environment that doesn’t suit.