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Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a development model used to explore personality preferences in a safe and positive way.

When relationships improve, so does productivity, communication, customer service, organisational culture, teamwork, engagement levels and leadership effectiveness. By improving interpersonal interactions across your business every day, the business-benefits are felt organisation-wide almost immediately.

The Insights Discovery model helps us look at the communication, thinking and decision making preferences across a wide array of traits, and expresses them using simple colour codes.

It enables people to understand their own perspective better, and how others may perceive the world differently and therefore how to adapt and connect more effectively with those around them.

Working with the Insights Discovery Personal Profiles, we open up the important conversations about differences and commonality, self-awareness and different styles through team workshops, events, or in one to one coaching conversations.

These are supportive and enjoyable workshop experiences that help bond your people together under a common goal.